Main Aims and Objectives


The main aims are:

1. Improve, through knowledge transfer, the various identified social and HSE issues in the SD industry in Turkey by utilising innovative products, tools and vocational education and training (VET) from previous EU projects, such as FP6 (ShipDISMANTL), FP7 DIVEST and Recyship, and from similar industries within the EU.

2. Create and pilot bespoke SD VET that will address the gaps in the SD workers and managements’ knowledge, understanding and awareness to ensure better HSE standards for the workers and encourage better ownership and responsibility of HSE issues and the perception of risk from the management by the completion of the project.

3. Provide sustainable outputs that will contribute to; improving the overall image of the SD industry, the process of the professionalization of the SD worker, and making the occupation more credible within society after projects completion.

The above aims of the Ship DIGEST project are linked to the chosen European priority, encouragement of cooperation between VET and the world of work (LEO-TraInno-7), in a few ways:

• Currently in the Turkish SD industry only 70% of employees, who are classed as low skilled, have access to only very basic VET that is unrecognised in terms of qualifications. The Ship DIGEST project will be setting up a framework that will provide European wide recognised VET to raise the competence levels of a workforce at risk in a growing industry, which in the short term will improve confidence and in the long term have positive social impacts. This is in line with the strategic framework for European cooperation in education and training ("ET 2020").

•  This project has the support of the Turkish Government’s Ministry of Labour department which will assist in the promotion of lifelong learning by assisting in the transfer and cooperation of the created VET and all the SD yards in Turkey after the projects completion.

• The environmental standards in ship dismantling expected by the EU are increasing. The Ship DIGEST project addresses the skills gap of the SD employees by providing a VET model to assist in increasing the environmental awareness, associated skills and competences to prepare them for the future. This ties in with the "New skills for new jobs" initiative on anticipating and matching labour market and skills needs which contributes to the overall EU 2020 strategy.